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EMSchedPlus is flexible EMS scheduling Plus so much more!

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EMSchedPlus provides all the management tools needed for your EMS Agency.

Scheduling: Our crew scheduling system is tailored to meet the scheduling needs of EMS agencies. EMSchedPlus can be configured to allow your members to sign themselves up for shifts with a great deal of control over when and how they can sign onto a Roster. Your administrators have complete control over adding and removing your members from the rosters.

Membership Information: Keep address, contact, riding history and certification information online. You can attach a photo of your member and also keep images of certifications such as CPR cards and EMT cards online.

Membership Communication: From a single screen send cell phone text messages and emails to all your members or a group of members. For example, you can send a text to only your EMT's. You can also post Agency news items on your EMSchedPlus homepage.

New Member Applications: Never loose a new membership application again! Have applicants complete a customizable online form, have your member committee immediately notified! You can easily track the progress of your new members as they join your agency.

Vehicles: Keep track of which vehicles are out of service. You can log maintenance. Have your member's complete checklists. Allow your members to signout flycars, Gators, any vehicle.

Inventory: Know what radios and pagers your members have. Keep repair history of each device.

Agency Events: Post meetings, classes, drills and more on your agency calendar and share via Google Calendar. Your members can indicate which events they plan on attending and you can track which events they actually attended.

Reporting: Many standard reports of member data and activity are available, such as listings of what certifications a member holds and how many hours they rode. Customized reporting is available for an additional fee.

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