EMSchedPlus Screenshots

Here a some screenshots and descriptions of the various pages you'll see using EMSchedPlus.

Screenshot of the main dashboard of EMSchedPlus


Showing News, Vehicle Status, Upcoming Corps Events, Future Riding Hours, Today's Crew, Member summary, Certification Status and Subscriptions.

Screenshot of the mobile calendar view of EMSchedPlus

Mobile calendar page

Showing who is riding, what certifications they have, and one click away from sending them a text message, email or calling them.

Screenshot of the main calendar page of EMSchedPLus

Main Calendar Page

Gives view for entire month of who is riding, when they are riding and visual indication of the certifications they have. You can drill down to any specific day from here.

Screenshot of the sign up page of EMSchedPLus

Sign Up Page

Easy for your members and administrators to signup for a single shift or multiple shifts.

Screenshot of the Send a Message to your membership screen

Send a Message

You can send a text or email (or both) message to all or some subset of your membership. Sent messages are logged for review.

Screenshot of the Member Attainment page of EMSchedPLus

Report Page

Quick overview of all members and their riding hours and event attendance showing Service Award Points.

Screenshot of the certifications information on EMSchedPLus


Keep images of your member's certifications online.

Screenshot of the vehicle list page of EMSchedPLus

Vehicle List

From here you can edit details or put units in and out of service.

Screenshot of the vehicle detail page of EMSchedPLus

Vehicle Detail

Track maintenece and set reminders for inspections, service, registrations, etc.

Screenshot of the sign out page of EMSchedPLus

Sign Out Vehicle

Snapshot of optional feature allowing members to sign out and sign in flycars.

Screenshot of the rig checks page of EMSchedPLus

Rig Checks

Easily complete Rig Checks online.

Screenshot of the event list page of EMSchedPLus

Event List

From here you can edit details about your agency events.

Screenshot of the event detail page of EMSchedPLus

Event Detail

Edit your agency events, keep track of who is planning on attending and who has attended.

Screenshot of the inventory summary page of EMSchedPLus

Inventory Summary

See who has what Radio or Pager.

Screenshot of the inventory details page of EMSchedPLus

Inventory Details

Shows complete history of a radio, including repair information.

Screenshot of the mobile friendly membership application EMSchedPLus

Membership Applications

Customizable membership applications can be completed by candidates online and reviewed by administrators.