Release History

February, 2021 Release (Gondor-p2)

  1. Event and Riding Reminders.
  2. Members can now setup reminders, either via text messages or email, for upcoming events or future riding hours. This can be configured from the "Notifications" tab under a member's personnel record.

  3. Members can be logged onto multiple devices at once.
  4. Prior to this release, if a member was logged onto a mobile device and then logged on via the web, they would be automatically logged off the mobile device. This release removes that restriction and allows members to be logged onto multiple devices at once.

  5. New Equipment (formerly called Inventory) pages.
  6. The "inventory" pages have been renamed to Equipment and given a fresh look, including a mobile friendly view. A new field has been added to the record which allows administrators to track who equipment was returned to.

  7. Members are notified when pending hours are disapproved.
  8. Previously, if a member signed up to ride and the hours needed to be approved, they weren't notified if the hours were not approved. This release notifies members if their hours have been disapproved.

  9. Future riding hours may be deleted when a member's status change.
  10. When a member's status is changed by an administrator, the new status is checked to see if that member is still allowed to ride. If they are not allowed to ride and have future riding hours, the administrator is given the option to delete those future hours.

  11. Many emails have been updated for fresher look.
  12. Many emails have a fresh look and contain more information for the member.

  13. Current Certification images are included on Member's portfolio PDF.
  14. If images for current cerifications have been uploaded to EMSchedPlus, those images will be included on that member's portfolio PDF file.

  15. Number of EMTs and Driverr need per shift can be cofigured (experimental).
  16. Experimental Administrators can now specify the number of members with a given certification or status that are needed for a complete crew. For example, a complete crew might need 2 EMTs and 1 Driver. Needs for each shift are displayed on the calendars.

June, 2020 Release (Gondor-p1)

  1. Security enhancements around password setting / resetting management.
  2. Instead of a fixed password, a time dependent secure link is sent to new users and users who want to reset their password.

  3. Support for holiday hours in the Timeclock program.
  4. Administrators can specify an "uplift" for time clocked on a specified day. For example, time and one-half for the Fourth of July.

  5. Vehicle rotation schedule support.
  6. First out vehicles and usage order can be specified with a specified rotation perdiod.

  7. Vehicle Out of Service reason options.
  8. Administrators can specify if an "Out of Service" reasons must or can be given.

  9. Improved agency news editor.
  10. The "NEWS" editor has been updated for mobile usage.

  11. Configurable Homepage option.
  12. Agencies may request that users have the ability to do limited configuration of their homepage.

  13. Configurable Monitor Capability.
  14. Agencies may request that a "Monitor" may be configured for the monitoring of key EMSchedPlus information on a continuous display, such as current crews, news, upcoming events, and needed staffing.

May, 2018 Release (Phoenix-p4)

  1. Broadcast texts and messages can be sent to either individuals or custom groups.
  2. Rig (and Inventory) checklists are mobile friendly
  3. Fixed issue with deleting vehicles when signout records exist
  4. Fixed issue with signing up for early morning shifts (before logical day end)

January, 2018 Release (Phoenix-p2-mon17)

  1. Select status codes when creating timeclock PDF
  2. Tie together riding rules using correlators
  3. Apply maximum rules to agency events
  4. Allow riding rues to be applied to "approval needed" hours
  5. Show total hours on timeClock as either hh:mm (minutes) or hh.dd (fractional decimal hours)

February, 2017 Release (Phoenix-2)

  1. More Mobile friendly Pages
    The main riding signup page, vehicle list page and events pages have been resdesigned to have a cleaner look and be mobile friendly.
  2. New Signup - Remove - Request Coverage - Provide Coverage page
    The main "signup" page has been totally redesignd for a cleaner look and improved date navigation. See it here. The mobile version of the page has new date, calendar and function navigation aids.
  3. Maximum Hours per week
    Administrators can set the maximum hours per week each member can ride (based on status). When they go over that amount, either the hours can be rejected or approval is required. This also warns administrators if they schedule a member more than the maximum hours.
  4. More riding actions from homepage.
    From the "Riding Today Portlet", you can go straight to the add hour, remove hours, requesting coverage or providing coverage web page. See it here.
  5. Admins can create vehicle reminders
    You can create one time or periodic reminders about vehicles events, such as "inspection due".
  6. Nightly reports can be mailed to interested members.
    We're created a "rig-check" exception report which can be mailed to interested members.

August, 2016 Release (Phoenix-1)

  1. Mobile friendly Interface
    EMSchedPlus has many new "mobile friendly" screens which have been designed for iPhone, iPad and Andriod systems.
  2. Member Jackets
    The member information screen has been totally redesigned, with many new fields, better photo handling and the ability to create a summary PDF for the member.
  3. Web Redesigned
    The Web version of EMSchedPlus has been redesinged to give a clean, modern look
  4. Expanded reporting options
    The reporting system now allows specification of parameters, such as date ranges.
  5. Private Roster Notes
    Roster note can be made "private" so that only administrators can view them.

July 25th, 2015 Release (Sauron-1)

  1. Approval Portlet
    A new portlet has been added to the home page which allows easy approval or member's hours.

May 10th, 2015 Release (Elrond-3)

  1. Enhanced Main Calendar
    The main calendar has been completely redesigned for improved navigation and viewability. Customers can now view multiple rosters at once and select different timeframes including a weekly view, a four week view and a monthly view.

Oct 25th, 2014 Release (Elrond-2)

  1. Enhanced Subscription System
    The subscription system has been greatly enhanced. Users will, in many cases, have a choice of receiving either texts or emails when an event occurs. New events are supported, for example: when someone signs up to a roster.
  2. Allow members to sign up "at the last minute"
    If riding rules are in effect which limit when a member can signup to a roster or the minimum hours needed in a roster, rules can also be defined that allow your member's to signup "at the last minute".
  3. Enforce riding rules when a member is providing coverage
    If crew limiting rules are in effect (for example: at most two juniors on a roster), then those rules will also apply when someone is providing coverage for another member.
  4. Google Sync and batch email notification upon publishing a schedule
    If your scheduled must be "published" to be visibile by normal members, the system will google sync and send notification emails to those members at the time the schedule is published.
  5. Ability to select which roster show on "your future riding hours"
    The home page has a portlet which shows a member's future riding hours. The rosters that show on that portlet can be selected via the "roster configuration" panels.
  6. Allow Monthly Riding Summary to ignore Logical Day shift
    The Agency Summary page computes hours based on a global logical day shift (ex: the say starts logically at 6am). This can be overriden when computing monthly hours to use a normal day's definition (ie, 12am to 11:59pm).
  7. Support of SSLv2 and SSLv3 is being removed. This renderes IE6 and earlier in-operable
  8. Several Minor Bugs
    Some minor bugs have been fixed.

July 19th, 2014 Release (Elrond-1)

  1. New User setup screens
    Freetrial user's now have a setup screen that guides them thru usage of the system and allow some customization.
  2. Coverage Request Comments
    Members can now provide an optional comment when they need coverage.
  3. Multiple Timezone Support
    The system can now support agencies operating in any timezone.
  4. Mail Server Upgrade
    Enhancement have been made to mail server processing to minimize rejects and mail being placed into 'junk' folders.
  5. Performance Improvements
    Rendering the mobile version of the calendar is now a LOT faster.
  6. Several Minor Bugs
    Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Nov 9th, 2013 Release (Gimli the Dwarf)

  1. Mobile Enabled 'Sign Up To Ride'
    You can now easily sign up to ride on a mobile device with a mobile enabled "sign up" page.
  2. Mobile Performance Improvements
    The mobile version of the calendar displays much faster.
  3. Certification Sensitive Riding Rules
    You can easily set rules for who can ride when based on a member's certifications.
    For example, you can limit to '1' the number of drivers who aren't EMTs.
  4. Roster Configuration Screens
    Administrators can easily configure roster settings, such as what groups of members can sign themselves up onto a roster.
  5. Administrative Request Coverage
    Administrators can request riding coverage on behalf of a member.
  6. Add Slot Name to Coverage Emails
    If a roster is in slot mode, the name of the slot is included in emails requesting coverage.
  7. Signup with Pending Approval
    Administrators may indicate that certain types of members need approval when signing up onto a roster.
  8. Notify Administrators when Approval Required
    Administrators can be emailed when someone signs up and approval is required.
  9. Publish Schedule
    Rosters can be configured so that they are not visible to the membership until the schedule is published.
  10. Excused from Events
    Administrators can indicate members are 'excused' from an event.
  11. Disallow "will attend" when event full
    If an event has a attendance limit, when the event is full members will not be able to indicate they are attending the event.
  12. Update Security Group from membership edit screen
    Administrators can add or remove the groups a member belongs to directly from the membership screen.
  13. Vehicle Maintenance Cost
    The cost of a vehicle maintenance or repair can be entered into the vehicle maintenance record.
  14. Timeclock - forced explanations
    Administrators can force employess to enter an explanation for early or late punches.

May 18th, 2013 Release (Legolas the Elf)

  1. Mobile Pages
    You can now display the calendar on a page that's specifically designed for mobile devices.
    More functions to come in future releases.
  2. Improvements to "Broadcast"
    Two major improvements to broadcast are the ability to add "attachments" to your broadcasts and to limit who receives your broadcast by certifications. For example, you can send messages to only EMT's.
  3. Certifications Images
    You can now attach images (or any file such as PDF's) to a member's certifications.
    For example, you can attach images of CPR and EMT cards.
  4. Improvements to Checklists
    Many improvements to checklists have been made:
    1. You can have checklists for inventory items, such as AED's
    2. You can have multiple checklists per vehicle or inventory item. For example: a daily and weekly checklist.
    3. Checklists can be "strict" or "relaxed". On "strict" checklists, all items must be "checked".
    4. A user friendly editor allows administrators to easily update checklists.
  5. Mininum Hours by Status Code Reporting
    You can now specify different mininum hours per month by type of member when reporting status.
    For example, "recruits" can be required to ride 12 hours a month while full member's must provide 24 hours per month.
  6. An administrator can enter a clock for an employee while the employee already has a clock open.
  7. Clicking on an event on the calendar brings you to that event's detail page.
  8. Various small errors have been repaired.

December 1st, 2012 Release (Aragorn the King)

  1. Improvements to "Broadcast"
    You will now be able to send Text messages and Emails at the same time.
    In addition, the screen has been completely redesigned to make it "Mobile friendly".
    A detailed list of exactly who was sent each Broadcast will also be available.
  2. Mobile Device Navigation Improvements.
    The top navigation bar has been redesigned for ease of use with Mobile (touch) devices.
  3. Date entry has been standardised.
    A new common date-picker popup is now available when a date needs to be entered.
  4. A new "Rig Check" list is available.
    Rig check lists can be launched from the homepage and completed for each shift.
    The lists can be customised by type of vehicle (flycar, ambulance) and the lists are available to your administrators for later review.
  5. The display of rosters on the homepage can be configured on a per-Corp basis.
  6. Inventory can be hidden on the master list.
    There is an option to "deactivate" inventory and hide it on the master inventory list.
    Also, you can now update the "types" of inventory you keep (e.g., add new radio types and "open" inventory such as shirts, pants, etc).
  7. We can limit the number of months into the future a member can signup on a per-Corp basis.
  8. Member records can be deleted.
    Provided the member hasn't signed up to ride, for events, etc.
  9. Various small problems have been addressed.
  10. Performance has been improved, giving faster response time.