EMSchedPlus Features

EMSchedPlus is flexible EMS scheduling Plus so much more!

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EMSchedPlus provides the following:

Riding Schedule

  • Members can schedule their own time and or time can be scheduled by your administrators.
  • Full month and daily views of calendar.
  • Members can synchronize their calendars with Google Calendar or iCal enabled software.
  • Multiple calendars for scheduling are available.
  • Shift start/end times and duration are fully customizable.
  • Members can request and provide coverage of other members.
  • Configurations of crews can be customized (eg, maximum 1 driver or 2 EMTs).
  • Riding times of members can be restricted by calendar, shifts and days of week.
  • Complete audit log of who signed up and when they signed up.


  • Broadcast Text message to all your members or subsets of your membership.
  • Post NEWS items on your EMSchedPlus homepage.
  • Send email to all your members or subsets of your membership.
  • Make notations on calendar.
  • Complete control of who is capable of sending texts and emails to which subsets of membership.
  • Complete audit log of who sends broadcast and when they were sent.

Membership Tracking

  • Keep information about your membership online
    • Name and address information.
    • Birthdate and social security number.
    • Telephone and email contact information.
    • Certification information (numbers, dates) on any certification (EMT, Driver, ICS100, etc).
    • Status information (active, leave of absence, resigned, etc) and history of when changed.
    • Uniform information (jackets, pants, shirts, etc).
    • Photos.
  • Service Award Points Tracking for programs such as LOSAP.
  • Standard and customized reports.
  • Automatic notifications of expired and expiring certifications.


  • Add, edit and update your classes of equipment: radios, pagers, computers, etc.
  • Assign equipment to members
  • Track repairs
  • Checklists
  • Standard and customized reports available


  • Online Rig Check Lists
  • Track vehicle service status: in service, out of service
  • Broadcast service status to your membership
  • Track vehicle maintenance record
  • Allow members to sign out vehicles
  • Standard and customized reports available


  • Enter membership meetings, drills, classes, any event type you wish
  • Members can synchronize Corps events with Google Calendar
  • Members can indicate their plans to attend events
  • You can track membership attendance at meetings, drills, classes, etc.
  • The public can signup for "open" classes
  • Standard and customized reports available

Online Applications

  • Volunteer and Career online membership applications
  • Can be customized for your Corps needs
  • Track progess of new members
  • Automatically transfer membership data to your online membership files
  • Notify your membership committee as soon as new applications are submitted


  • Clock-In of Clock-out
  • Limit clock-in and clock-out to your bay (requires fixed IP address)
  • Timeclock administrators can clock in others
  • Standard and customized reports available


  • Complete set of standard reports included
  • Customized reports available (fee based)
  • You can control who sees any given report